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Biographical Statement: Eve Bunting

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Eve Bunting was born in the small village of Maghera, Ireland in 1928.  She grew up in a tradition steeped in the art of storytelling where Shanachies, or storytellers, went from house to house telling tales of ghosts and of old Irish heroes and battles.  Today, Bunting considers herself to be somewhat of a modern day Shanachie.

In 1958, Eve Bunting moved to California with her husband and three children.  When she first arrived in San Francisco her career was that of a “homemaker”.  Several years later, her desire to write led her to enroll in a writing class at her local junior college.  Though she was uncertain and nervous, she was able to publish her first book, The Two Giants, in 1972.

Since then, Bunting has published more than 150 books and has written something for just about every age group.  While she has published several light-hearted picture books, Bunting has never shied away from addressing the difficult issues.  She has published numerous picture books that include sensitive topics such as racial prejudice, death, troubled families, and war.   Bunting’s message is clear, “Picture books aren’t just for tots anymore.”  She explains, “I have discovered the pleasures of telling a story of happiness and sorrow in a few simple words.  I like to write picture books that make young people ponder, that encourage them to ask questions.”

Eve Bunting has received many awards for her work including the Golden Kite Award from the Society of Children’s Book Writers, the PEN Los Angeles Center Literary Award for Special Achievement in Children’s Literature, and the Edgar, given by the Mystery Writers of America.  Bunting has gone on to teach several writing classes, including one at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Today, she lives with her husband in Pasadena, California where she continues to write.

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